10 Rules for HAZOP Study Meetings

  1. Always start on time; return from lunch breaks on time in order to finish on time.

  2. Don’t forget the TEN minute rule for any one issue.

  3. Define the Scope of the HAZOP and focus on that.

  4. Decide whether the team will leave line/vessel or Node if time exceeds the finish time or agree to finish a Node once started, even if it goes beyond the finish time.

  5. Only discuss ONE point at a time.

  6. The HAZOP is not a Design Review nor a Model review - that is the domain of project management not HAZOP.

  7. Contractual issues to be documented outside of the HAZOP Study Minutes.

  8. All data and information shall be current, accurate and available during the HAZOP Study.

  9. Key personnel to be identified as the Core Team and shall be present at all times during the HAZOP study.

  10. By end of the day, the HAZOP Study minutes will be agreed on by the team.