MYRNA HEPBURN PTY LTD is  a risk consultancy with a strong exposure to industrial operations.  The combination of the depth of knowledge in both technical skills and operational experience gives MYRNA HEPBURN PTY LTD a professional and technical edge which ensures a quality of service.  The business has a commitment to excellence and is available for project concept to operation consultation spanning the following market sectors:

  • Energy: Oil & Gas

  • Materials: Mining and Minerals Processing, Explosives, Chemical/Petrochemical

  • Utilities: Water & Power

  • Insurance

  • Food & Beverage

  • Equipment Machinery

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation

March 2018 Revalidation HAZOP or Retrospective HAZOPs for Major Hazard Facility in New Zealand

Since 2000, MYRNA HEPBURN PTY LTD has provided risk consulting services including

  • Atmospheric Dispersion following using TNO software

  • Airport Layout safety review and Hazardous Area classification

  • Buildings and Control Room Layout HAZOPs

  • Construction Safety and HAZCON

  • Contaminated Groundwater HAZOPs

  • Control Systems and CHAZOP

  • Dams Safety Reveiw

  • Desalination Plants HAZOP

  • Dust Explosions in Pharmaceuticals and Steel Recycling

  • Lessons Learnt database compilation

  • Electrical HAZOPs and Hazardous Area Classification

  • Expert Witness assisting Legal cases

  • Facilitation between Client and Vendor as well as Sign-off from Operations

  • Fire risk management Plans

  • Fire Safety Studies for specialty chemicals plant

  • Hazard Study Audits

  • Hazardous Area Classification for Gas Plant

  • Incident Investigation

  • Land Use Planning and Facility Siting

  • Management of Change seminars

  • Machinery Safety Review and HAZOP of innovations

  • Marine incl shipping and Oil Terminals

  • Mining Materials Handling

  • Minerals Processing

  • Mining incl Underground

  • Odour Treatment HAZOPs

  • Peer Review of HAZOPS and Risk Assessments

  • Pharmaceutical Studies to OSHA PSM/PSI

  • Pilot Plant HAZOPS for new technology

  • Power Generation and Steam Plants

  • Procedures for Project Hazard Management and EHS Management

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Refineries in Oil and Ore business

  • Roads and Vehicle movement HAZOP

  • Safety Case for MHF

  • Shipping and LNG transport HAZOP

  • Value Engineering

  • Vulnerability Studies incl Human, Organisational and Technical Factors

  • Warehousing HAZOPs

  • Waste Recovery and Steel recycling

  • WWTP and Biological TP HAZOPs

  • Water Quality and Treatment and Disinfection HAZOPs

  • Zero Harm

For more information please contact us on +61 408 305 000 or risk@myrnahepburn.com 


The HAZOP technique challenges everyone to think outside the box
— Quality and Compliance Engineer - Note Printing Australia